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Vaishnav Samaj of Michigan
Tax ID: 38-3413443

Jai Shree Krishna


Vaishanv Samaj of Michigan is a non-profit 501C3 organization dedicated for the promotion and preservation of Hindu religion based on the principles of Pushti Marg ( Path of Grace) which has been existence for ever and discovered and founded by JagatGuru Shree Vallabhacharyaji. This path of the devotion is strictly based on the endless, unselfish dedicated love towards the God with a commitment that "God, I am Yours". Under this path, the devotee does not seek anything else but the complete happiness of God which in turn makes the devotee happy. This samaj (society) welcomes all regardless of origin, sex, color and creed.


In Michigan area, the Pushti Marg has been followed by several individuals over number of years, however, it came to become united during 1988 when Pujya Gosawmi Shri Indirabetiji (Jiji) met a group of vaishanvas(devotees) and laid a path to follow either on a weekly basis or a monthly basis. This process of getting together –identified as – satsangs- chanting the religious songs and learning about the religion- started in approximately 1988-1989. Pujya Jiji provided a chitraji (Picture) of Shrinathji, Shri Vallabhacharyaji and Shri Yamunaji and advised the specific sholkas and scriptures to be recited at every meeting. The picture provided by Pujya Jiji is still worshipped at every satsang held today.


During course of last 15 to 16 years, Pujya Jiji and many others Goswamis from Shri Vallabhacharyaji family as well as quite a few scholars ( Shashtrijis) have provided and still continue to provide a most valuable guidance to strengthen the principles of Pushtimarg among its devotees. Some of the achievements to date are:
  • Formation of a Non Profit Organization 501 c-3 in 1992.
  • Celebration of various festivals in the presence of various family members of Shri Vallabhacharyaji.
  • Trip to Vraj in Pennsylvania.
  • Participation of joint satsangs with other organizations and temples.
  • Supporting various grand festivals in neighboring Cities like Chicago, Pittsburgh.
  • Supporting the earthquake relief through IEROM during 2001 earthquake.
  • Supporting Tsunami relief during 2004.
  • Assisting in publication of religious books –such as "Satsang sat sagar par", Pushtibavprakash, etc.
  • Providing support to hospital, clinic and education activities in India.
  • Hosting a grand scale "Godhead" program at Bhartiya temple in 2004 for supporting education and sponsoring children in India.
  • Support Bahgavt katha by Pujya Bhai Shree( Rameshbhai Oza).
  • Hosting a Raas –Garba program during Sharad Purnima in 2004.
  • Started Tavasmi Chintan Sabha – structured classes in English and Gujarati every other Sunday for ages starting from six years and above in three various age groups.


The primary goals of the organizations are:
  • Promote religious awareness among all devotees of Hindu religion
  • Preserve the religion through practice and learning process
  • Provide an educational platform for younger generation
  • Provide assistance to various organizations for humanity purpose.
  • Provide a center to worship and learn religion every week.


Our plans to achieve these goals are:
  • Conduct satsangs weekly, monthly or as desired by the special events.
  • Invite family members of Shri Vallabhacharya to educate the devotees.
  • Invite Shashtrijis to conduct education classes.
  • Participate with various organizations for humanity and religious assistance.
  • Raise appropriate funds through membership, fund raising events and donations.
  • Effectively communicate with the society members and other groups through E-mails and news letters.


Samaj has two simple level of membership:

Yearly Dues: $15/year (Jan to Dec.)
Life Time dues: $151/year

Please make check payable to:
Vaishnav Samaj of Michigan
6129 Beachwood Drive
West Bloomfield. MI. 48324