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Pushtimarg – A Short Glimpse
Written by Haresh Dharia

“Pushti” means “Krupa’ – Grace of God and “marg’ means path

Pushtimarg means Path of Grace.

Pushtimarg is founded by Shree Vallabacharya. He is the latest of five principal Acharyas (Spritiual Master) of Hindu religion. He emphasizes that Shree Krishna is the personification of the Supreme Entity. He resides in everyone’s heart as well as he prevails everywhere.

Each soul is the part of Supreme Entity. Thus each soul is similar to a spark of the giant fire considered as God. However, soul forgets the relationship based on ego and separates from God. Soul gets reunited with God through the vedic ceremony called “Brahmasambandh” which is conducted by the family of Vallabhacharya only.

Pushtimarg has the following basic principles:

  • Unconditional devotional love for God
  • Ultimate faith in God forever during all circumstances
  • Has only one master to serve and that is Shree Krishna
  • Shree Krishna Seva (and not puja) is the first and foremost duty
  • Perorms seva in his own home first
  • Believes that the god in his house is the Supreme God.
  • Always remain humble and consider Shree Krishan as his/her master
  • Consume only those items which are offered to God as samagri first.
  • Have strong faith in Shree Vallabhachrya and his family.
  • Remain engaged in worship at all times
  • Seva is the means and the result of seva is to do the seva of God.
  • Do not desire liberation but wants seva forever & forever.
  • Respects everyone else as member of God.
  • World and universe are real and immortal, relationships are mortal.
  • Never expect anything from God, our duty is to give.
  • Have faith and patient all time and never loose trust in God.
  • God always takes care of you ,therefore do not ask anything form God except his love.

The devotees of Pushtimarg are refereed as “vaishnavs”. Vaishnavs receives nam mantra first and then receives Brahmasambandh mantra. Upon receipt of Brahmasambandh mantra, his duty is to follow the path as outlined by his mantra giver. Generally, he starts with simple seva (worship) and with God’s grace, it develops continuously. Usually, deity of Shree Krishna (various forms –like ShreeNathji, Shree Balkrishna, Shree Gokulnathji, ShreeMadanmohnaji, Shree Navnitpriyaji, Shree Dwarkadhishji etc) . are worshipped.

Shree Nathji is same as Lord Krishna. Pushtimarg religion considers the Shree Krishna who resided in Vraj as complete god to serve. All vaishnavs still believe and experience that Shree Krishna has never left Vraj. This is the reason, people go to Vrajyatra to worship and catch a glimpse of Shree Krishna. Also worshipped are Shree Vallabhacharya, His son Shree Vithalnathji, and his family as exists today. Shree Yamunaji is also worshipped and considered as mother for Vaishnavs. Vaishnavs alos perform seva of Shree Giriaraj.

During Vrajyatra as well as other yatras, vaihnavs visit Bethakaji – places where Shree Vallabhachrya, Shree Vithalnathji, Shree Gokulnathji, Shree Harirai Mahaprabhjui resided and did Shrimad BhagavatKatha.

There are various books –one of the principle book is called Sholas (16) grnaths as recited by Shree Vallabhachrya. This book explains the complete principles of Pushtimarg, explains who the God is, how the universe is created and provides guidance for how to live a life and worship God.

Seva which is different than Puja is performed eight times a day in temple. In homes, six out of eight times is performed. Seva is the form of worship where the principle focus is to provide the happiness and comfort to deity (usually referred as swaroop) based on the time of the day and season of the year. Seva is not meant to please ourselves but to please Him only. Darshans are limited in to maintain his happiness. In general, Swaroop is considered as part of our life and member of our family. Devotees take care of Him as the member of the family. The swaroop seva is normally always kept in the same family for generations and worshipped daily.

In order to remain focused and progress further in the PushtiMargiya religion, satsangs are conducted daily in India. In our town, Vaishanv Samaj of Michigan holds the satsang every month with a special celebrating event at each satsang. Everyone is invited to attend the satsang. If you like further information, please contact at he following address:

Vaishnav Samaj of Michigan
Tel. No.: 248-360-0246
Email: info@vaishnavsamaj.org

Jai Shree Krishna to all