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Subject: SEVA UTSAV - Hospital at Gokul
Jai Shree Krishna and Jai Jai Shree Gokulesh

As we begin our new year, this is our finest opportunity to provide once in our life time seva to our GOKUL - Birthplace of Shree Krishna.

Our scripture says - if we protect our religion; religion protects us.

This pledge has nothing to do with my manorath or any particular fund raising for a private purpose. It is the SEVA to our VRAJVASI AND VRAJJAN  where we and our generation visit Gokul and who knows when and who will need service and help like this.

Hospital does exist since last seven to eight years. Help is need to expand the services,

We all know the economic times are tough; we try to make our ends meet. However, whoever we can help, we should help whatever our heart, mind and soul desires us to. There is no force- just a humanity cause to do this seva and we hope all of you will do little or whatever you can afford it. No contribution is small.  

Please review the attached information and use pledge form to mail your contribuiton.

We thank you in advance. You can call us for further information. You can send your contribution as indicated on the pledge form or at address as below.

Haresh & Geeta Dharia
Vaishnav Samaj of Michigan
6129 Beachwood Drive
West Bloomfield, MI 48324-1390
Tel. No. 248-360-0246

E-Mail Address: info@vaishnavsamaj.org

Hospital Document

Hosptial Information/Flyer

Pledge Form



Miscellaneous Information:

If you would like to host future satsang, please contact:
Bharat Parikh Tel. No. 586-726-4786
E-Mail Address: info@vaishnavsamaj.org

Quote of the Month:
There are three basic fundamental activities in PushtiMarg which helps an individual to experience the love and presence of God at every moment in the life. These three basic elements are:

First & foremost: SEVA This means to worship God. Seva does not mean confining one self to worship in a temple for day & night. Vaishanv performs seva by dedicating each & every activity of the life to God. If one consider God as part of the life in lieu of something which we have to do as duty, then all activities will become natural and one will always do the right thing to help himself and others. One, himself is incapable of performing the activities. It is the power & strength of God which helps us to perform our daily duties. Thus, if one dedicates all actions and activities, neither he becomes the Owner of these activities, nor he faces the consequences of its results. Reason being, God will always do the right thing for his devotee.

Second: Smaran (Remembering the God and his activities and his role in our life) More detail at the next month.

Third: Satsang (Establishing the relationship with the proper elements and practicing in our life). More detail at the next month.

Jai Shree Krishna to all